About Nassr Token

Al Nassr football club is a well-known club in the Arab world and also the world at large with an incredible fan base and the token is expected to unite the fans and also create a platform where the fans can connect, trade and express their voice. It is a BEP-20 network token. Nassr utilizes the power of both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through the blockchain, it makes Nassr more secure and scalable. The blockchain can expand with its increase in blocks or users. Nassr aims to provide more and more utility and use cases through which its users can earn benefits.

Contract Address: 0x0Fc85D9F186A01A8b315cF23Dcf1a0CbDF1A9ccB

The Al Nassr FC fan token is a real community platform, with only purpose is to unite the fan of Al Nassr FC from all around the world under one roof. At the same time benefit the community rewards and empower them through the voting right. All these feature enables the holder of Nassr to show true affection toward the club. Hold to our Nassr token and watch your money grow!

Why Choose Us?

The Al Nassr FC fan token aims to use the true potential of blockchain technology in the football business. With the first cryptocurrency addressed to mass adoption in the football industry in Saudi-Arabia as the fuel, we are building an ecosystem that connects the fans with their beloved Al Nassr FC via the blockchain.


Designed for Transactions

As a BEP-20 token, the Nassr token resides on the Binance Smart Chain. By using this proven network and its protocols, the Nassr token offers extremely affordable and lightning-fast transactions.



Every aspect of the Nassr token is designed to facilitate collaboration and create a living, breathing community of Arab FC fans from around the world. Connect, vibe, and trade with fellow Al Nassr FC fans to collectively shape the future of this token.


Arab FC Fan Tokens Family

This token is one of the Arab FC fan token. with the launching of the Arab FC Fan NFT marketplace, owners of the Nassr fan token can explore and trade in the marketplace, displaying the rich image of the club in style and creativity.


Robust Liquidity

With 20% of the total Nassr supply going towards providing liquidity, the Nassr token is primed to offer a flawless trading experience to new investors and lifelong traders alike. 4% of all transactions go to a charity fund that’ll help countless talented young fans pursue their dream of football.

Token Sale

Token Name:
Alnassr FC fan token
Token Symbol:
Token Platform:
Token decimal:
Total Supply:
300,000,000 NASSR
Token Explorer Link:
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Token Contract Address:
Token Standard:

Why Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance Smart Chain is a functioning blockchain optimized for ultra-fast trading. Its ecosystem was developed for cross-chain compatibility with Binance Chain to facilitate an all-inclusive experience for users. While it runs in parallel with Binance Chain, the blockchain boasts compatibility with smart contract functionality and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Binance Smart Chain aims to utilize the high effectiveness of Binance Chain while still leveraging smart contract features. Due to its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it fully supports Ethereum tools and decentralized applications. Amongst other features, the Binance Smart Chain includes a cross-chain compatibility system that allows users to transfer digital assets from one blockchain to another without friction. Furthermore, it hosts a new full-fledged environment that can be used to develop high-performing decentralized applications that can facilitate quick trade.



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

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Marketers create whitepapers to educate their audience about a particular issue, or explain and promote a particular methodology

The world of cryptocurrency allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution, thereby giving power and economic freedom to people.

Al Nassr fan token is a Binance Smart Chain project that gives power to fans of the club giving them power and freedom to express their love for the club and their favorite player.

The BSC network in comparison with the BTC and ETH network has higher speed, lower transaction cost and higher adoption.


Our Expert Team

We are proud of our great team, They are one of the most motivated team in the crypto space and always ready to help out when needed.


Sultan alsalom



Ivan smith



Waqas Hussain

Website Developer


Fred Swilam

Project Advisor


Mohamed Abdel Razik

Project Manager

Investor Board


HRH Prince Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Saud



Hamoud O. Al-Rumayan



Majed Abdullah



Khalid Alsharekh



Anthony Banerjee


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Burning Questions

Nassr is a fan token that allows fans to come forward and actively support Al Nassr football club. By buying this token, you can reap the reward of your team’s success. Apart from financial incentives, there are other reasons too like connecting with people who shares your love and passion for Al Nassr football club.

You can trade NFTs through the marketplace and even partake in gaming ventures that will be lauching soon.
This token is fully backed by our experienced token team with a transparent presale process and locked liquidity , Alnassr investment company board has invested in this token as they believe in crypto currencies and its future.

You can be rest assured that your investment is secured. The contract has been audited by TECH RATE AUDIT and confirmed safe. This is a lifetime project that will keep building and evolving with the cryptocurrency and Arab football world.
There are many important factors to consider here. First, the Nassr token is being sold through a pre-sale at marked-down discounted price compared to what the price on decentralized and centralized exchanges will be.

Nassr token is currently listed on Pancake swap and it's also listed on coinsbit exchange. You will find buy links above. This token has an infinite growth potential because of its fundamentals, strong team and use cases.

Finally, there are many planned utilities like the NFT marketplace and gaming initiatives that these tokens will be integrated into, which will naturally have a positive impact on the price.
Yes, Investors, Cryptocurrency lovers, Arab football fans and sport lovers around world can buy and invest in this amazing project with a favourable return on investment.

As decentralized finance is transparent and open, the token is available to anyone from any part of the world.